Easy Strawberry Shortcake

It was my hubby birthday yesterday. For this year, instead of buying a fancy cake, I wanted to make a birthday cake for him, to make it more meaningful. As you guys know already, I can only bake simple cookies or cakes…so I was looking for “easy” baking, nothing fancy or complicated.

And, I came acrros with this youtube video from Ochikeron on “How to make Stawberry Shortcake” and after watching the video, I said to myself “wow, I think I can make this, the recipe is quite simple yet the cake is so pretty, okay let’s bake this cake!”.

So here is the result… A little messy as you can see lol..but he loves it, i like it a lot, and the cake is gone in a short time. 



My note:

You have to whisk the eggs mixture properly, otherwise the cake will turn out flat.

It’s better to prepare the sponge cake a day before, or else you will end up in the kitchen for the whole day making this cake.

Here is the link to the recipe & video: Perfect for strawberry lover and a beginner baker like me~ Happy Baking!




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